Workation Costa Blanca

Summer officially is over and most of us got back to work. Have you ever thought about extending that summer feeling? And enjoying a workation or staycation at the Costa Blanca.

During and after Covid a lot of businesses changed their way of working. Working at home is more common, as well video meetings. So why not extend the summer by working a few weeks at the Costa Blanca?

In Ca la Vall you’ll find everything you need for the perfect workation or staycation:

  • High speed glass fibre internet (1000 mb)
  • Comfortable working furniture
  • Lovely accommodation in the middle of a village
  • The best restaurants within a 15 minute drive
  • Awesome activities close by for after-work leisure

We bring you the perfect deal for a workation from November until March. Use the discount code WORKATION23 and enjoy a 25% discount on your stay in Ca la Vall. So, don’t hesitate and book your workation at the Costa Blanca!

What to do at the Costa Blanca

Looking for some inspiration for after-work leisure at the Costa Blanca? Check-out our posts about active life or the website of the Costa Blanca. The Jalon Valley in special is a the perfect destination for those who like an active lifestyle. The valley has its own BTT capital in Parcent and is famous by roadbike cyclists. Above that, you’ll find countless routes for walking and hiking.

* Minimum stay 14 days, from 01/11/23 until 31/03/24.

Palmeral de Elche

Palmeral de Elche is one of the largest palm groves in Europe. The historic Elche Palm Grove has the UNESCO World Heritage designation. It contains nearly 200,000 date palms, some of which have grown spontaneously. Although most were planted by man over the course of centuries. The unusual way of the lay-out gave rise to many orchards (huertos), nearly a hundred of which still exist.

This palm garden today consists of different parts. One of the most famous and most beautiful gardens is the Huerto del Cura orchard, with nearly 500 palm trees, including a specimen that is truly a botanical rarity: the one known as the “Imperial Palm”.

The city of Elche was founded by the Muslims, who designed the Palmeral to take maximum advantage of the region’s extremely severe water conditions. Thanks to its economic importance, the great oasis of Elche has been able to survive to the present day.

What more to do in Elche?

Elche is more than only Palmeral de Elche. Beside the palm trees there are old fortresses and defensive structures. Visit the old town of Elche and you’ll find constructions from different times, with diverse architectural styles, exciting histories and popular celebrations. Right in the centre is the Plaza de la Glorieta. There is the famous replica of the Lady of Elche and an angel representing the Mystery Play of Elche. The mystery play is a well-known drama that tells of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary and that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

A 2-minute walk away is the plaza de la Mercé. With its back to the square, stands the old convent of Santa Lucía. It is a three-storey building with a beautiful neoclassical cloister and a Renaissance-style doorway. It was occupied for years by the nuns of the order of Saint Claire, although long before that it was a place favoured by Muslims for relaxation.

In the foundations of the convent are the Arab Baths, with three vaulted rooms (cold, warm and hot) and a dressing room. In front of the convent’s façade stands the Calahorra tower, a 12th century Islamic watchtower. Its location, next to the main access road from Alicante, ensured the defence of the city.

On the other side of the tower, the plaza de Santa Isabel invites you to dream with its historical feel. Although a little further away than the other monuments in the centre, it is worth going to Santa Teresa bridge. The oldest bridge in Elche and originally made of wood.

Basilica of Santa Maria de Elche

Built on an old Muslim mosque, the Basilica of Elche brings together neoclassical, baroque and renaissance styles. It has 3 carved doorways, 4 chapels and a large dome with blue tiles. More than the looks, it is famous for being part of the stage in the Mystery Play of Elche.

Altamira Palace

Also known as the Alcázar de la Señoría, this castle-palace was built by the Lord of Villena as his private residence. It is part of the city’s defensive network. Therefore the building has cylindrical towers that protect its flanks and a higher four-sided tower to keep watch over anyone approaching. You can gain access by Altamira bridge and crossing the Vinalopó river. Above the you can see from this point the colourful graffiti of the Vibora II Project. It has packed the slopes of the river with murals and urban art.

Five best restaurants in Moraira

Best rewarded restaurants at the Costa Blanca
Top ten restaurants in Moraira

Moraira got ample restaurants for everyone’s tasting. But these five best restaurants in Moraira are the places that add all the flavor. Due to its gastronomic offer, its excellent and varied menu and the product they work with. And, still they are Spanish priced and not overrun with tourists. Run, as reservations go fast!

Cafe-bar Billy

If you pass by, you may not even consider stopping. Bar Billy, in Moraira, is one of those places that someone has to recommend to you. We, for example. Spoiler: here you can try the same cuttlefish figatell or the apple pie from El Baret de Miquel de Dénia, as well as other of his classics that were long ago on his menu. But also Adrián Ruiz’s own inventions. Watch out for him!

El Porrón

Forget all those deep-fried greasy tapas you might find along the coast. El Porrón got Andalusian character with tasteful, beautifully presented tapas. What about ensaladilla of smoked eel or their own way of patatas bravas? The bar is styled with eye for detail and it makes you feel like a local. The waiters are outstanding, so make your way up to El Porrón!

A’ Cas e’ Renat

We love Italian food! Especially when it’s prepared like Italian food, made by Italians and served by a very charming Italian waiter. Fresh pastas, woodoven made pizzas and mouthwatering desserts. The staff will do anything to make you feel at home at their sunny terrace. All Italian classics are prepared, but a special recommendation for the bruschetta and the outstanding pasta. Andare!

El Racó de l’Arròs

We mentioned this restaurant before in our posts, but it still deserves a top five classification in Moraira. If you like traditional Spanish food like paella, fideùa or seafood you have to make a stop there. You won’t find a better place to eat paella. The typical Spanis interior with blue-white tiles, wooden furniture and paintings gives an instant holiday feeling. Vamos!

CHIC Gastronomic

This restaurant is one of the places you might easily pass by. It’s a bit hidden off the main route, but definitely worth a visit. The more than charming staff is a reason on its own for a visit. They are super friendly and attentive. Above that their food is delectable. Definitely worth mentioning are ample vegetarian dishes. The kitchen is a bit of Spanish with a twist around the world. Lovely flavours, so check it out!

Valor Chocolate Museum

Imagine you’re on holidays at the Costa Blanca and face a rainy day. What activities are available to enjoy with the whole family? Visit the Valor Chocolate Museum on a rainy day!

We already listed up some activities for a rainy day in a previous post. One of the activities is the Valor Chocolate Museum in Villajoyosa or in local dialect La Vila Joyosa. Valor is the leading chocolate brand in Spain and exportings its products all over the world.

In the museum you learn about the journey of cocao and the making of chocolate. You experience the whole history of Chocolates Valor from its birth to the present day. Therefore, you go through the 5 generations of master chocolatiers who have run it. It also has one of the best collections of chocolate industry machinery from from the times when cocoa was ground on stone to the present day.

The visit finishes with a visit to the factory and – of course – tasting the delicious Valor chocolates. The Valor shop is a mouthwatering experience on its own!

You book a guided visits in advance through the website. Otherwise, just go to the museum and collect your tickets. A maximum of 50 people per guided visit is allowed. Don’t hesitate and book your visit at the Valor Chocolate Museum on a rainy day!

Morning: 10:00 visits in English 11:00/12:00/13:00 visits in Spanish.
Evening: 16:00 visits in English 17:00/18:00/19:00 visits in Spanish.

Morning: 10:00 visits in English 11:00/12:00/13:00 visits in Spanish.

Saturday evenings, Sundays and public holidays closed.

Kids stuff rental Costa Blanca

Love to go on holidays with small kids but dreaded by the thought of carrying all the kids’ stuff with you? We can imagine! Especially as travelling with kids at the airport is a challenge anyway. So we gathered some tips for kids stuff rental at the Costa Blanca for you.

Our tip: leave it at home! Don’t take cots, high chairs or strollers with you but just the things you really need. It saves you a lot of stress, avoid extra costs at the airline desk and you can hire a smaller car 😬.

In our stays we can rent out a high chair and a travel cot with comfy mattress. Sold out or in need of something else? No worries, with these two specialized entrepreneurs you will find everything you can imagine. From cargo bike to baby bed and from high chair to pram.

  • Sunny Tots in Jávea. Rental service of strollers, travel cribs, high chairs and other children’s equipment for babies. Delivery and pick up service in La Marina Alta (Costa Blanca North)
  • Holiday Kids Stuff in Jávea. A Dutch company renting out kids stuff at Costa Blanca North. Delivery and pick up service

For more practical tips for the perfect holiday at the Costa Blanca, check out our other posts here. Don’t forget we offer beach towels at our stays (Ca la Vall on request). These companies also offer kids stuff rental like toys, beach gear etc.

Hiking routes Vall de Pop

The local tourist office of Vall de Pop organizes guided walks. This spring you can accompany them at hiking routes in the valley or urban routes in the villages. The guided walks are – depending the route – in Castellano, Valenciano or English. We listed up all hiking routes in Vall de Pop.

Urban routes

  • 23/04/23 Parcent (English)
  • 29/04/23 Xaló/ Jalón (Castellano, Valenciano)
  • 04/06/23 Senija (Castellano, Valenciano)
  • 18/06/23 Benigembla (English)
  • 08/07/23 Llíber (English

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Hiking routes

  • 30/04/23 Senija – 10,6 km – medium
  • 06/05/23 Murla – 8 km – easy
  • 21/05/23 Benissa – 9 km – medium
  • 27/05/23 Llíber – 10 km – medium
  • 28/05/23 Benigembla – 9 km – difficult
  • 11/06/23 Murla – 8 km – easy

Subscribe by sending a Whatsapp to Maria at +34 – 616 043 173. For more information check the website of Vall de Pop Tourist Office.

More hiking in Vall de Pop

Vall de Pop is known for the large amount of hiking trails. The trails marked with yellow-white and red-white signals are official hiking routes. An overview of these trails are at the website of the tourist office.

If you like more information about hiking, check our posts about active life at the Costa Blanca, Marina Alta, Jalón Valley and Vall de Pop here. So, put your hiking boots on and discover hiking routes Vall de Pop!

Best rewarded restaurants Costa Blanca

We already knew, but the secret is unvealed now by the Michelin Guide and Guía Respol. The Costa Blanca has one of the highest concentrations of best rewarded restaurants. The restaurants can be found from the buzzling city of Alicante to the countryside and into the mountains.

Last year it rained stars, sols and recommendations by these two guides. All different types of restaurants are represented: classic styles, new young chefs and, of course, the traditional Spanish kitchen. We yet visited most of them and can agree that they are worth a trip!

We only listed up the best restaurants in the Marina Alta. The other part of the Costa Blanca has many stars, sols and recommendations as well, but that makes the list even more extensive. So we limited it to the Marina Alta, which is roughly the part from Denia to Calpe. By clicking on the name of the guide you will find all restaurants at the Costa Blanca.

Michelin Guide

  • Quique Dacosta Denia ***
  • BonAmb Jávea **
  • Casa Pepa Ondara *
  • Audrey’s Calpe *
  • Peix i Brases Denia *
  • Beat Calpe *
  • Tula Jávea *
  • Casa del Maco Calpe R (recommendation)
  • Casa Cantó Benissa R
  • Casa Bernardi Benissa R
  • Komfort Calpe R
  • Orobianco Calpe R
  • El Baret de Miquel R
  • El Raset Denia R
  • Aticcook Denia R
  • Sand Moraira R
  • La Perla Jávea R
  • Tosca Jávea R
  • Volta i Volta Jávea R
  • El Carreter La Xara R

Guía Repsol

  • Quique Dacosta Denia ***
  • BonAmb Jávea ***
  • Casa Pepa Ondara **
  • Peix i Brases Denia **
  • Tula Jávea **
  • Beat Calpe **
  • Orobianco Calpe *
  • Audrey’s Calpe *
  • Casa Bernardi Benissa *
  • Aticcook Bruno Ruiz Denia *
  • El Baret de Miquel Denia *
  • Miró Cuina Benirrama R (recommendation)
  • Pont Sec Denia R
  • Sendra Denia R
  • Casa Federico Denia R
  • El Faralló Denia R
  • El Raset Denia R
  • El Trinquete Jávea R
  • Le Dauphin Moraira R
  • Sand Moraira R
  • Abiss Gastrobar Calpe R
  • Un cuiner a L’Escoleta Sagra R
  • Casa Canto Benissa R
  • Brou Pedreguer Solete
  • Rafel de Pego Solete
  • Café Bar Billy’s Moraira Solete
  • El Paraíso Parcent Solete
  • La Venta del Collao Vall de Laguar Solete

So, if you plan a trip to one of our stays don’t forget to reserve a table in one of these outstanding restaurants. The best rewarded restaurants at the Costa Blanca are waiting you!

Holiday home with pool Costa Blanca

Where should I go on my holiday to Spain? There are plenty nice spots in Spain to go to with beautiful beaches, clear water and sunny weather. Why not hire a holiday home with pool at the Costa Blanca?

We offer an exclusive holiday experience, in an authentic boutique setting, where elegance and quality are paramount down to the smallest detail. Our stays are the perfect place to immerse into the Mediterranean life. The lush decoration, unique location and carefully chosen furniture makes you feel at home.

Looking for a holiday villa with sea view? A picturesque holiday home with mountain view? Stylish holiday apartment in the centre of town on a stone’s throw from the sea? Our stays tick all the boxes for an outstanding holiday experience. Find your holiday home with pool at the Costa Blanca with us.

What more about a holiday home with pool at the Costa Blanca?

At first, the weather of course. The Costa Blanca is most of all known for it’s pleasant climate. The area averages nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine each year. In 1986 the World Health Organisation recommended the climate of the area as one of the most equitable in the world. Neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. On average it can boast 325 sunny days each year. This is making the region an ideal all year round destination.

As the Costa Blanca is a populair touristic destination, there are ample options for car rental. We can help you to find the rental option that fits you best. As a result of limited public transport, car rental is the best option for transport at the Costa Blanca.

Wondering if there’s more than immaculate beaches, turquoise water and waving palms? Yes, there is! The Costa Blanca is the perfect destination for nature lovers, cyclists and hikers. Not to forget the food lovers. With numerous recommendations and awards by Michelin and Guia Repsol, the region is the hotspot for outstanding food.

And what about teens and kids? For sure, they will love the Costa Blanca. Unlimited activities, playgrounds and watersports are available. Check out our posts about what to do with kids and travel with kids.

Well, that’s all you should know about your holiday home with pool at the Costa Blanca.

Tourist information Marina Alta

The Costa Blanca is a popular destination. So there’s a lot of tourist information about the Marina Alta region. It’s impossible to mention it all on our website. Of course, we post our favourites, local hotspots and the best tips and tricks.

The Costa Blanca can roughly be divided in two parts: Costa Blanca south and Costa Blanca north. Our stays are in Costa Blanca north, which stretches from Alicante up to Dénia. The Costa Blanca north consists of several smaller regions, like the Marina Alta.

The Marina Alta is limited by Calp in the south and Dénia in the north. It goes inland up to Vall de Gallinera and Vall de Pop. So, a small region but with plenty to do. You’ll find pristine beaches, unspoiled nature and typical Spanish villages. The region is also known for it’s gastronomy, craftwork and local traditions.

A short overview where to find tourist information about the Marina Alta:

When you book a stay with us, we’re happy to help you with personalized recommendations. If you like tourist information about the Marina Alta, a special region or especially with kids for example, we can make you a personalized trip. Also for the best restaurants, shopping addresses or what to do at a rainy day.

Best beaches Jávea Costa Blanca

Jávea is unbeatable for the diversity and beauty of its beaches. Sandy beaches, rocky caves and pure nature. We listed up the best beaches in Jávea Costa Blanca.


Playa la Granadella. This beach is a perfect horseshoe-shaped bay at the nature reserve Granadella. The intense blue water, dramatic cliffs and Mediterranean pines make it one of the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca. There is a beach bar and a few nearby restaurants. Granadella bay is famous for snorkelling and kayak. From the beach you can explore the caves at the seaside. Services: lifeguards, parking, restaurant, beach bar, boat and kayak rental, sun lounger rental.


Cala Portitxol. White sand, gravel and water of an intense blue. Together with the wonderful setting and the typical vegetation of the Costa Blanca, this results in a place of huge natural beauty. Portitxol has all the charms required for a perfect family day at the beach.

As a result Portitxol is one of the most photographed beaches in the area. The typical fisherman’s houses, blue doors and intense blue water. Take your camera with you! Services: lifeguards, beach bar, car park, sun lounger rental, kayak rental.


Playa el Arenal. Arenal beach is the busiest beach on the Javea coast with fine sand and a slight slope in the shallow waters. The beach is really popular with families. Mainly because of the calm water playgrounds at the beach, and sports facilities. Furthermore the stretched boulevard with ample restaurants complete this hotspot.

Services: lifeguards, Red Cross, walkways, water skiing facilities, entertainment, sports area, foot bath and shower, access for people with reduced mobility, parking, public telephone, bus stop and taxi rank.


In summer a shuttle service is run by the townhall. This shuttle service concerns the beaches of Granadella, Portitxol and Cova Tallada. As a matter of fact the road will be closed and only access by shuttle service is available.

The shuttle service to Portitxol runs from Calle Tripoli next to Saladar supermarket. It is executed by minibus.The Granadella stop is at the urbanization of La Guardia Park. A bus stop is here since years ago. To Granadella runs a tourist train.

Basically the service will be provided from the beginning of the month of June during the weekends and from June 23 to September 10 on a daily basis, from 09:00 to 17:00 and with a minimum frequency of 50 minutes. Tickets are € 3. Check timetables to be prepared.