Interior design & reforms | Your Mediterranean style.


Ever since we have been building, reforming and designing houses. Our own historic house in Holland was in a kind of permanent state of reform. As soon a room of part of the house was finished we started thinking about other possibilities. We simply love to create. We continued in Spain with our holiday stays. Based on intuition we realized our lovely stays. The plan, materials and design; we do it all ourselves.

More and more we got questions from clients to do their (holiday)home. They love our style, respect for the house and the decoration. So bit by bit we got into reform & design for others. We still work on intuition and gut feelings, but now founded with a well thought-out plan. You will be guided through the whole process without the hassle of dealing with constructors, licenses and unexpected issues.


Book your free appointment to catch up with us and talk about your dreams. Either if it’s a reform or interior design or both. If you’re still looking for a house we’ll be happy to have a chat with you as well. We can tell you about the pro’s and con’s and where to look at when buying your dream house. Our preferred real estate partners will be happy to assist you in the buying proces.


We can assist you with:

  1. Property purchase advice
  2. Reforms & renovations
  3. Interior design

Book your free appointment.

We offer a transparant and smooth process with fair prices. We’re happy to explain it to you in our first appointment. Just book yours now!