Property purchase advice


You found your dreamhouse, but you have no clue how to turn it into the perfect house for you. Like a logical floorplan, sufficient light in the house, spaces that fits your needs etc. We’re there to advice you about a potential reform or renovation of the house.

Finding your dream house at the Costa Blanca is not easy. You may have a list of requirements that the house must meet. When finding a house that meets your expectations, you might be a bit disappointed.


It looks ugly, it’s full of outdated furniture or horrible colors put on the wall. And the garden, an awful design. How to turn this house into your dream house?


We have one rule regarding a dream house: location, location and location! Every shed, awful house or abandoned hovel can be turned into a palace. But you can’t change the location.


With our property purchase advice, we visit the house together. We point out the possibilities of the house, what changes could be made and how to get most out of the house. We run a quick check on technical installations and advice you if further investigation on technical issues is needed.


If desired we turn our advice into a plan. You receive a feedback of our meeting and we set up a list of recommendations, advice and points of attention. Just a small note: we are not an estate agent. We provide advice that is not normally part of the real estate agent’s duties. If you want to buy a house, we’ll address you to our preferred real estate partners. They will be happy to assist you in the buying proces.