Semana Santa Costa Blanca

The Semana Santa – or Holy week – is one of the most important Catholic celebrations. You can experience this celebration at the Costa Blanca as well. Think about impressive processions, devoted Catholic habitants participating and the floats being carried through the streets.

Have you ever seen photos of the parades that take place in Spain every Semana Santa? You know, the ones with people wearing pointy hats and robes that worryingly look like a certain white supremacist group would wear?

Not to worry. There’s no link between the two. The celebrations that happen all over Spain during Semana Santa every year around Easter. They are a religious tradition that has been taking place since the 16th century. It’s an intense, moving experience that many Spaniards are still extremely passionate about. Especially in the south of the country, in the region of Andalusia, you will experience the most passionated ones.


Throughout the week, parts of the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are told through different processions.Celebrations are slightly different throughout the country, but Holy Week in kicks off on Palm Sunday and goes through to Easter Sunday, with the most important days and Easter processions being towards the end of Semana Santa.

Things change slightly from city to city, but everywhere you go there will be a few processions on each day of the Easter week in Spain. Each one will be put on by a different Hermandad or brotherhood, which will carry the floats (normally two, one for Jesus and one for the Virgin Mary) from their church to the Cathedral and back again, with a band playing music as they go.

If you witness a holy procession for yourself, you’ll soon realise that carrying those heavy floats is no picnic. The costaleros who carry the floats are strong, but they’re at it for hours in a row, and the pain they suffer is meant to reflect what Jesus went through.

Semana Santa Calpe

At the Costa Blanca one of the most impressive processions is held on Holy Friday in Calpe. It goes on for hours and all floats are taken out from the church through the old town. Find the whole program at the website of the Tourist Office.

Calpe is only a 10 to 10 minute drive from our stays. Book your stay for the Semana Santa at the Costa Blanca here.